What’s a Wild Boomba?

I guess I am a Wild Boomba. At least that’s what my sister, Beth, and my brother, Paul, used to call me. My parents called me that, too.

I always thought it had something to do with my dark, coarse, kinky hair. But Paul recently told me it was because of my total “caveman-like” appearance as a child. I didn’t ask him if he still thought I looked like a caveman, not that there’s anything wrong with that. I just really didn’t want to know.

My much, much older sister and older brother were born fair-skinned, blond children. By the time my parents’ DNA got to me, it had somehow mutated and my mother tells me, yes, she tells me, she thought they brought her the wrong baby girl after I was delivered. She was sure I belonged to a different family. Perhaps even a different genus.

My sister’s hair always remained light, but in high school my brother’s hair got darker and darker and curlier and curlier. He used to sit under a hair dryer trying desparately to brush out the curls with gobs of Dipitty Do. He finally gave up trying to straighten his hair and grew an afro that could take up an entire doorway. He mowed it down for law school and it’s been short ever since. But, to my dismay, I don’t think he ever looked like a caveman or Boomba-like in any way.

Nature can be cruel, even with good intentions, and I ended up with the Boomba-ness that neither Beth or Paul ever had the pleasure of enduring. Luckily my kids didn’t get the Boomba gene either. Both have the much more human-like features of their father, my husband, Richard.

Some people say Richard does not always act like a caring human being. In fact, some say he’s evil. But he at least looks like a completely evolved human being and not at all like a caveman.

Oh, by the way, I just got off the phone with Mom. Guess what, Paul? She said you all called me
“Wild Boomba” because of my hair. She said I never looked like a caveman. So, I guess this is like the time you told me to get up really close to the TV when Batman was on. You tried to convince me the theme song was “Fatman. Fatman,” not “Batman. Batman.” Oh, and remember when you told me I was born in the toilet? Well, my dear brother, Mom said that’s not true either. So, go buy some Dippity Do and sit under the hair dryer for awhile. And I love you. Call me.

And “hi,” Beth! We’ll discuss how you locked me in the basement, turned off the lights and made spooky noises down the laundry chute in another installment of Tales of Wild Boomba.

15 thoughts on “What’s a Wild Boomba?

  1. Reblogged this on Tales of Wild Boomba and commented:

    Five years ago today I published my very first blog post. I decided to re-post it as a way to celebrate. Thanks for reading, “liking”, and all the comments, and “follows”. I am so happy to be doing what I love to do,
    ~ Leslie

  2. Your gift for humor and writing are inspiring and fill that part of my heart that misses being nearby in Highland Park and being at some of those precious family events. I love all of it. Congratulations on the blog! I, too, before I figured out how to ‘comment’ and before I knew that your wonderful mother had already done it, sent it on to the L.A. family. love, elizabeth

  3. it’s so good to read your writing again! I love the way you seem to write “stream of consciousness”, just the way you talk! You inspire me to get my studio blog going on my website. Keep those cards & letters coming! xxxPamela

  4. Leslie – very cute! But I don’t remember the hair-dryer part, and I don’t know how you could, because you were so, much, much, much younger than me (the dippity-do part rings a bell). But I’m not sure I want to divulge any more information, as it will probably be used against me in the Tales of Wild Boomba.And I think the leopard-skin-like cave man bathing suit still had something to do with it. (Oh, and the snarling . . . )Love,Paul

  5. Hi, Thanks for including me. Your blog was really funny to read and brightened my day. ….and by the way, your little girl photo looks darling.

  6. “Some people say Richard does not always act like a caring human being. In fact, some say he’s evil.” Exactly who are the “some people”?(I would like to contact them.)Congratulations on the launch of your new blog. I guess it’s better than a You-Tube of me…Love,Evil Richard

  7. Didn’t ALL older brothers tell us lies about Batman? I don’t recall the wild boomba look — I recall your hair in ponytails, pigtails, etc. braided or no, but up in such a way that MY mother would say “why won’t YOU wear so much as a barrett?” Congrats on the launch of the blog. Finally, something to read while I am at work! Hee

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