I was in the mood to re-post an older post because I was too lazy to write a new one. Enjoy! (again!)

Tales of Wild Boomba

According to my records, which, in reality, are stories told to me by old-timers who have been smelting for decades, smelt used to be plentiful in the Great Lakes. Depending on which old-timer I spoke to, you’d just drop the net into the water, and using a pulley system, yank in hundreds, thousand, or even cruiseshipfuls of ‘em.

But, in the seven years or so I’ve been working Smelt Fest for the Park District, the total number of smelt I’ve seen caught rounds out to about eight. However, legend has it that the smelt ran in these here parts like, well, lots and lots of running smelt. I don’t know how they ran because they’re little silver fish without feet.

Speaking of legends, every year at Smelt Fest we have this salty guy who sings “shanties” (songs of the sea) throughout the night. But, as I listened to each song The…

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  1. I loooooooooved the Smelt Fest story!!!! And you are not a beached Humpback Whale – at least in my eyes!!!!!!!!! Love the dittys!!!!!!! Arrrrrrrr

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